Publications by Eva Poluha and Elehu Feleke

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Eva Poluha is Senior Associate Professor from the Department of Social Anthropology, Stockholm University and has spent over 40 years researching people-state relations, gender, ethnicity, children’s acquisition of culture as well as political change in Ethiopia. Her focus has been on the exercise of power and its various interpretations and on requirements for development to take place in Ethiopia. Poluha’s main approach has been participant observation, watching and talking to the people she has studied. Poluha’s publications include Central Planning and Local Reality – The Case of a Producers Cooperative in Ethiopia (1989), The Power of Continuity - Ethiopia Through the Eyes of Its Children (2004), “Contesting ‘Good’ Governance – Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Representation, Accountability and Public Space” (ed. 2002) and “The World of Girls and Boys in Rural and Urban Ethiopia” (ed. 2007).

Elehu Feleke is a Medical Doctor who has specialized in cardiology. Elehu has worked in his profession in both Ethiopia and Sweden. He was born in a peasant community in Ethiopia but grew up in Addis Ababa as one of the earlier batches of “Haile Selassie’s students”. While studying medicine in Sweden, Elehu was an active member of the Ethiopian Student Union in Europe. He has continued his commitment to the country’s social and economic destiny through research in his spare time about Ethiopia’s history and current events in relation to the international scene. To get a better understanding about economic, political and social change Elehu has also reviewed the histories of especially the “West”, Japan, China and South Korea.

Eva and Elehu have been married for over 40 years and the book is a synthesis of their experiences and perspectives.

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